The Energy Solutions Center (ESC) is pleased to announce that its Gas Foodservice Equipment Network Consortium (GFEN), striving to identify new gas solutions to the restaurant and foodservice industry, has chosen the Royal Range of California™ High-Efficiency Deep Fat Fryer, Model RHEF-45-CM for its 2017 Blue Flame Award Product of the Year. Royal Range, the maker of the High-Efficiency Deep Fat Fryer, was presented with the award at 10:30 am, Thursday, February 9th at the NAFEM show.

The RHEF-45-CM is the first fryer to utilize an innovative heat exchanger. Its flue makes three passes through a series of round tubes as heat is transmitted to the oil. Progressively smaller tubes, in size and volume, serve to increase the velocity of flow as it exits through an induced draft blower. As a result, there is very low carbon emission and heat output through the flue. This results in lower gas consumption, both during the idling and cooking periods.

A prominent restaurant chain tested the new model for months, to great satisfaction. The High-Efficiency Deep Fat Fryer met and even exceeded both energy star requirements for gas savings and cooking efficiency. The cooking zone’s even heat transfer resulted in faster and more consistent product output. And with zero recovery time, the fryer is ideal for high production.

Annual gas savings can total as much as 55%-60% when compared to base fryers. And annual gas savings can be as much as 18%-20% when compared to standard energy-efficient fryers currently on the market.

Congratulations to Royal Range of California!

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