The many uses of natural gas in our modern world are well documented. Natural gas accounts for more electricity generation than any other fuel, half of all American homes are heated with it, it’s a primary energy source in industrial settings, and it’s the best way to sear that filet mignon just right at your favorite steakhouse – but there’s a lot more to be gained from switching to natural gas than a toasty warm living room and hot shower. In this post, we’ll look at three positive side effects of natural gas that is bringing growth to our world.

Strong Economic Growth & Stability

The natural gas industry is directly responsible for creating 3+ million jobs across the United States and generating over one-third of one trillion dollars in economic output – and as more American households and businesses convert to gas, this number will only rise. The natural gas industry is far-reaching, including extraction, production, transportation, distribution, and maintenance. Not to mention the incredible array of cascading industries to produce natural gas appliances, vehicles, heating, and cooling systems, and more.

Indirectly, the affordability and efficiency of natural gas reduce costs in industrial, commercial, and agricultural settings, which in turn leads to higher profits, further investments, and greater economic output.

The same effect takes place in the home. When homeowners pay less each month in utilities, this leads to greater disposable income that can be spent outside the home, injecting money directly into the economy.

As the number one domestic fuel source, natural gas reduces America’s reliance on imported petroleum. Moving towards US-based energy production not only keeps jobs here, but it also provides greater stability and predictability across the energy sector, which is good for business.

Reduction of Greenhouse Gasses & Positive Environmental Impact

Natural gas is significantly cleaner to burn than other fossil fuels, and since it’s more efficient, we need to burn less of it to obtain the same thermal output. In terms of air quality and the greenhouse gas effect, natural gas produces less than half the CO2 compared to other fossil fuels. This represents a significant advancement in the fight against climate change and the move towards a greener Earth.

And unlike other fossil fuels, natural gas is renewable. The last decade has seen massive advancements in renewable natural gas (RNG) capture and production across the country, turning what was once methane waste at farms, landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and bio facilities into commercially viable natural gas. RNG offers a double-sided benefit to the environment, both removing toxins and waste from the air and reducing the need for conventional natural gas extraction.

Combat Energy Poverty

Natural gas isn’t just clean and efficient, it’s also affordable. This means warmer homes and lower utility bills for low-income households including senior citizens. Natural gas provides dignity, comfort, and real cost savings so that limited household budgets can be reallocated for other expenses.

The side effects of natural gas? It isn’t just powering our world, it’s empowering our world to be a better place.

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