According to the American Gas Association, there are more than 5.4 million commercial natural gas customers in the United States. This includes small, medium, and enterprise businesses, government buildings, industrial facilities, and many of the places we visit every single day. From restaurants to retail stores, hospitals, supermarkets, and public spaces, natural gas helps businesses boom.

And because natural gas is more efficient, America’s business community, economy, and job market are all in line to benefit.

Creating Jobs and Better Lives for the Middle Class

Natural gas is a driver of economic growth. As businesses spend less on space heating, ventilation, and cooling, more profit is available for hiring, expanding, or paying higher wages. For small businesses, the financial benefits go right into the pockets of the owners, making it easier for middle-class families to start, operate and maintain a successful business.

Leveraging an increase in natural gas consumption as a tool for economic growth has been recognized by most states in the union, with 4 out of 5 states have adopted or considering proposals to expand distribution infrastructure to give more homes and businesses access to clean, energy-efficient natural gas.

Opportunities for Future Growth | Natural Gas Helps Businesses Boom

The US Energy Information Administration projects a consistent upsurge in demand in the commercial sector for natural gas through at least 2040 as overall commercial floor space increases over the long term.

An EIA survey also found that a significant percentage of commercial buildings use natural gas for other applications while generating electricity on-site with a different fuel. Expanding natural gas consumption at locations where service is already present and used represents a key opportunity for growth.

The environmental benefits of natural gas versus other fossil fuels also open up the possibility of coupling energy-efficiency programs with other initiatives meant to boost economic output or achieve environmental goals. With more than 1/5 of natural gas utility revenues coming from commercial customers, increased growth in the sector will provide resources to promote new technologies and innovations aimed at lowering energy costs, improving overall services and reducing emissions.

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