Builders and real estate agents know that few rooms sell a house more than the kitchen. These days, one of the most effective ways to set the kitchen apart is to outfit the space with the latest in natural gas appliances. Natural gas cooking isn’t just the favorite of professional chefs and restaurateurs. Cooking with natural gas at home is the preferred choice of everyday cooks, too.

A Trio of Benefits to Make Cooking Look Easy

Modern natural gas cooktops, ranges, ovens, and grills are easy to clean and feature the same reliability and high efficiency found in other natural gas appliances – but when it comes down to preparing great food, these three benefits of natural gas cooking are what makes chefs smile.

· Even heat: Electric elements don’t disperse heat evenly in the same way a natural gas burner can. Even heat is key to evenly cooked food.

· Precise temperature control: The thermostat on a natural gas appliance makes it easy to set the temperature you want and keep it steady.

· Instant on/off settings: Burners are ready to cook almost instantaneously and natural gas ovens get up to temperature much faster than electric.

Something You Just Can’t Get with Electric

A special feature available with many of the newer models of natural gas cooktops is dedicated high- or low-Btu burners ranging from 5,000 Btu per hour to 12,500 Btu per hour, for fast, high-intensity cooking or simmering. Differing burner types make it easy to cook a wide range of foods, just like you’d find in a commercial kitchen. In fact, commercial-style gas ranges with burners up to 16,000 Btu per hour are gaining in popularity for home installation, with design adjustments made to make them safe to operate in residential construction.

Other special features available with natural gas kitchen appliances include:

· Stainless steel, glass, or porcelain-coated steel cooktops.

· Optional bonus cooking functions including grill, rotisserie, griddle, or wok.

· Sealed burners for easy cleaning.

· Removable control knobs, drip pans, backsplash, porcelain coatings, seamless corners & edges, and other easy cleaning features.

· Heavy-duty burner grates to support heavy pots and pans.

Save Money on Fuel

Natural gas kitchen appliances cost approximately half what you’d pay to do the same with an equivalent electric appliance. Newer models save even more energy with spark ignitions in lieu of the traditional pilot light.

Switching to Gas Cooking

Outfitting a residential kitchen with natural gas appliances has never been easier. Consumers across the country have more access to natural gas services at home than ever, and the distribution network is growing fast. Natural gas kitchen appliances do not require any special exhaust system other than the same hood you’d install above an electric range, and the energy savings and utility rebates make purchasing new appliances an affordable home upgrade.

In addition, the growth of the natural gas kitchen appliance market has led to a diverse range of stylistic design options that allow homeowners doing a remodel or new build to find gas appliances that match and/or add to their new kitchen’s overall aesthetic.

Natural gas cooking has arrived and it’s here to stay.

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