If you’re a fan of cooking shows, you’ve probably imagined yourself as Carmine (Carmy for short), the lead character on FX’s hit series “The Bear,” rushing around like mad to corral the team into line at The Original Beef. There’s something exciting about imagining you run your own restaurant, even if it’s a bit of a dive, and your day-to-day turns into a comedy of errors.

Of course, Carmy wasn’t always scrambling to try and save his family’s struggling eatery. “The Bear” also takes us back to when the young Italian-American chef was following his dream, working at beautiful Michelin Star restaurants.

It’s a fun show. Alternating between the quirky Chicago sandwich shop and lavishly fancy restaurants where ordering roast beef on rye would get your reservation canceled.

But for those with a keen eye for blue flames, there’s a common theme in every scene where Carmine finds himself over the stove. He’s cooking with natural gas.

90 percent of professional chefs prefer cooking with gas. Even on TV!

In the fast-paced restaurant industry, chefs depend on natural gas. Natural gas is the right choice for every restaurant.

No matter what kind of food you serve, speed is of the essence in the restaurant biz. Going with natural gas over electricity provides immediate heat, for cooking that is quick and reliable. Not to mention precise temperature control that gives chefs the consistency they need to replicate dishes exactly as they plan to, whether those dishes belong on an eight-course tasting menu or in a basket with fries.

Natural gas also gives chefs the option of ultra-high BTU heat, for dishes that require that extra sizzle you just can’t get with electricity.

Natural Gas is Easy on Cash Flow

Just like any other small business, The Original Beef gives Carmy quite a few headaches and possibly an ulcer from dealing with money woes. There’s even a hilarious episode where ends are met only by emptying the quarters from the restaurant’s video arcade.

But you’ll never once hear the cost of gas being mentioned as a worry for the new owner. That’s because natural gas is the most affordable way to cook in the hospitality industry.

In fact, natural gas is so affordable that in the United States alone, restaurants and other businesses have saved over $500 billion in the last decade!

And while “The Bear” is fiction. These savings help many restaurants in the real world to stay in business and continue to provide economic output, including millions of jobs for Americans – and millions of delicious meals with good times to boot.

Natural gas is the Right Choice for Every Restaurant

But it’s not just struggling bistros that rely on gas to succeed. Natural gas is a great choice for all restaurants, as it provides the nearly instant heat and exact temperature control chefs need to achieve that perfect sear.

Whether you’re a real-life restaurateur or simply a fan of the show, it’s easy to see why gas appliances are ideal when you’re under the gun to beat the clock and keep up with a nonstop list of rapid-fire orders.