The American Gas Association (AGA)’s vision statement is short and to the point, “To provide America with essential life-sustaining energy.” At a virtual meeting earlier this year with the CFA Society of New York, leadership from the American Gas Association laid out exactly what this means for our country.

For more than four decades, the AGA has been actively involved with the CFA Society of New York, a consortium of investment professionals that educate both the investment community and the public about the industries that drive our nation forward. 95% of all natural gas customers in the United States receive gas from an AGA member.

Natural Gas Infrastructure Directly Impacts Economic Stability

AGA President and CEO Karen Harbert spent much of her speaking time touching on how America’s continued investment in natural gas infrastructure has greatly insulated the country from the war-related energy crisis, compared to many European nations.

Countries that have cut back on investing in natural gas production and delivery are experiencing tragic fallout from this shortsighted policy. In contrast, the United States is far better positioned to ride out the storm.

Harbert said, “Our nation’s strong energy position and substantial domestic supply of natural gas has inoculated Americans from that volatility. Natural gas prices for America’s homeowners and businesses remain stable and abundant domestic supplies will undoubtedly continue to support stability abroad.”

AGA Chair and President & CEO of Southern Company Gas Kimberly S. Greene went on to outline facts that showcase the extent to which the natural gas industry keeps energy affordable and reliable and how this leads to economic stability.

  • The natural gas industry directly creates 4.3 million jobs in the delivery of critical energy
  • 187 million Americans and 5.5 million American businesses rely on this energy, every single day

Greene also noted how energy stability supports related objectives. “The natural gas utility industry has an ambitious innovation agenda which will be essential to achieving our nation’s environmental goals.”

CFA Society Presentation Highlights Findings from the 2022 Playbook

The AGA’s annual Playbook, which collects and presents vital statistics relating to the natural gas industry, provided a number of additional facts for Greene to present to the investment group to further back the AGA’s position that investing in natural gas is not just a wise investment but a critical part of the US’s energy future.

  • Households using natural gas for heating, cooking, and clothes drying experience annual savings of $1,041, on average, compared to residences using electricity for the same applications
  • In total, American families have saved $140B over the last decade – commercial and industrial customers saving top $500B
  • Close to 21,000 businesses convert to natural gas each year
  • Natural gas efficiency and renewable energy growth have combined to drop CO2 emissions to 30-year lows

Natural Gas and Our Energy Future

With an estimated 3,368 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, the US supply will support American energy needs for more than a century. Continued investment in the natural gas industry not only supports national security today but is paramount to maintaining stability for years to come.

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