Natural gas stoves, ovens and grills are preferred by chefs at restaurants and commercial kitchens across the country. And for all the reasons professionals love cooking with natural gas, homeowners do, too. Some of the benefits to cooking with Natural Gas include the convenience and precision of cooking with natural gas is the secret sauce to perfectly prepared dishes every time.

Heat in an Instant

In comparison to electric appliances that do not reach cooking temperature for some time, natural gas ranges provide heat almost instantaneously. The flame on a natural gas stove can be easily adjusted to produce low, medium or high levels of heat without the need to wait for an element to warm up. Instant heat allows for shorter cooking times and easier kitchen planning.

Energy Efficiency

Consuming natural gas directly at the appliance is the most effective and efficient way to utilize this already relatively affordable fuel. Compared to producing electricity with natural gas and delivering that power to your stove, direct consumption is approximately three times more efficient.

Natural gas appliances save energy and money for the home or business.

Better Temperature Control

One of the challenges when cooking with an electric appliance is adjusting the heat higher or lower to get the temperature just right. The elements on an electric stove heat and cool slowly, so when you turn the knob, it takes time for the temperature to adjust. When cooking with gas, temperature control is more precise, as the flame adjusts up or down as you turn the knob.

Temperature control and precise cooking temperatures are key to perfecting any dish.

Improved Heat Distribution

On the stovetop, the natural gas flame spreads out across the entire bottom of the pot or pan to produce more even heating than an element located in the center. Even heat distribution is important as it prevents food in the center of the pan from overcooking and food at the edges of the pan from undercooking. Even cooking is especially important for complex recipes.

Capacity for Ultra-High Heat

While electric stoves can certainly get very hot, one of the benefits to cooking with natural gas is that the flames have the potential to go even higher. Higher temperatures make it easy to get a perfect sear on meats and other dishes that call for ultra-high heat.

An Added Bonus

Even if you’re not an amateur chef, the next owner of your home might be. Installing natural gas appliances is a great way to increase your home’s resale value or to sell your home more quickly, as natural gas is preferred on average by home buyers.