When it comes to choosing an energy source to power your business, there are many benefits of natural gas that make it stand head and shoulders above the rest. A natural gas connection is not just the smart move for restaurants, all businesses can benefit from switching to clean, efficient, energy-saving natural gas.

Wide Range of Advantages

While business owners love the energy and cost savings that come with choosing energy-efficient natural gas, there are benefits of natural gas connections and appliances.

  • Natural gas is incredibly reliable and resilient – because transmission piping is located underground, the distribution system is almost never affected by severe weather, and even when the power does go out, natural gas appliances still operate
  • Natural gas is cleaner than petroleum-based fuels – emits far fewer greenhouse gas emissions and is renewable, in the form of RNG (Renewable Natural Gas)
  • Supply is domestic and abundant, predicted to last into the next century – because 97% of the natural gas consumed in the United States is produced in North America, the direct use of natural gas can help reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil and keep $1B+ in energy dollars in our economy
  • Faster heating and warmer air – natural gas appliances heat water faster and produce hotter air than electric appliances
  • Industrial applications – businesses can utilize their natural gas connection across a wide range of industrial appliances including electrical power generators, air compressors and other factory and agricultural equipment
  • Safe delivery – unlike fuel trucks that present a potential safety hazard, natural gas distribution pipes are very safe and regularly inspected, reinforced and upgraded

Additional Savings Applying Appliance Rebates

Natural gas utilities, manufacturers and other programs often provide significant rebates to business owners who purchase and install new, energy-efficient natural gas appliances. Rebates and other incentives can save businesses thousands of dollars and are available on a broad selection of appliances including HVAC, ranges and ovens, hot water heaters, commercial dryers, desiccant dehumidifiers and more.

Rebates are available for new construction facilities, conversions from another fuel source to natural gas or as gas retention incentives.

Trim Overhead Costs to Focus on Core Initiatives

Choosing the more economical fuel source for your business can lower operating costs at all types of businesses, with the restaurant and hospitality industries experiencing significant cost reduction. These savings can be used to invest in other aspects of your business to drive growth and generate greater profits.

The natural gas industry reduces emissions every year while manufacturers design appliances with even greater efficiency. This means natural gas is not only a great option for businesses today, but will continue to be a smart choice for years to come.