NEWS RELEASE For immediate release – May 18, 2021 Contact: Ashley Duckman (202) 824-7152

Gas Utility Industry Announces Blue Flame Award Winner: Garland High-Performance XHP Broiler

(Washington, DC)  The Energy Solutions Center (ESC) is pleased to announce that its Blue Flame Alliance Consortium, dedicated to bringing new gas solutions to the commercial sector, including the food service industry, has selected Garland’s High-Performance XHP Broiler to receive the 2021 Blue Flame Product of the Year Award. Garland will be presented with the award at a future date to be determined. The Garland XHP – Extra High-Performance broiler is revolutionizing the industry by using high power but low energy consumption. A chef is able to prepare food (meat, fish, or vegetables) faster using as much as 50% less natural gas than a standard Charbroiler. The XHP Broiler uses a patented gas burner system that mixes air with gas and delivers exceptionally high heat using a natural ceramic heat bed. This results in significant energy savings. The water vapor that is naturally released from fat and oils during cooking is absorbed back into the food. The burner system reduces the cross flavoring of food so your vegetables won’t taste like fish or meat. Cool air circulates around the grill to produce temperate surfaces protecting the operator from high temperatures. About Energy Solutions Center, Inc. Energy Solutions Center, Inc. (ESC) is a non-profit organization of energy utilities and equipment manufacturers based in Washington DC that promotes energy efficient natural gas solutions and systems for use by residential, commercial, and industrial energy users. The Center concentrates on the development of tools and resources designed to enhance the success of those utility customer service professionals responsible for enhancing customer productivity, efficiency, reliability, and comfort.