Washington, DC (February 23, 2021) – Blue Flame Alliance, a non-profit, member-based organization of industry leaders in the natural gas community, announces a rebrand to include new colors, logo, typography, voice/tone and imagery. Established in 2020, Blue Flame Alliance started as the Gas Foodservice Equipment Network in 1999.

Blue Flame’s new identity was created to align with the organization’s business goals and growth strategy, appeal to a diverse audience, allow them to grow the brand and consortium now and in the future, and create a distinctive brand and name recognition in the marketplace.

“Our new brand reflects our knowledge when it comes to natural gas and why it’s the most effective and efficient energy solution,” said Barbara Stinson​, Director of Blue Flame Alliance. “Our mission will continue to be to focus on relationship building with key decision makers who oversee national accounts, including establishments in the foodservice industry. This will be accomplished by educating, informing, developing, and providing energy solutions where natural gas provides operational advantages to the customer.”

Blue Flame’s new logo is one of the most valuable elements of the brand. It captures the classic blue flame that is recognized as natural gas and incorporates a leaf that symbolizes the environmentally friendly element that makes natural gas the superior choice.

The alliance’s new slogan captures the essence of the brand’s promise. ‘Solutions for Commercial Customers’ creates a sense of urgency, letting current and prospective members know that the alliance acts quickly to provide them with the guidance and answers they are looking for in all things natural gas.

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Energy Solutions Center, Inc. (ESC) is a non-profit organization of natural gas utilities and equipment manufacturers based in Washington, DC that promotes energy efficient natural gas solutions and systems for use by residential, commercial, and industrial energy users. The Center concentrates on the development of tools and resources designed to enhance the success of those utility customer service professionals responsible for enhancing customer productivity, efficiency, reliability and comfort. The Blue Flame Alliance (BFA) consortium is an international alliance of utilities, foodservice equipment manufacturers, gas industry associations, national accounts, and trade allies organized to be a source of gas solutions for the commercial segment with a focus on the foodservice industry. The ESC works interdependently with the Blue Flame Alliance consortium. The two, together, work to promote, educate, and raise awareness to the benefits of energy efficient natural gas solutions among their distinguished groups of energy users.