The Blue Flame Alliance is a strong supporter of all our members working hard to help the natural gas industry capture a greater share of energy from available renewable gas sources. Together, our shared goals of environmental protection and sustainable energy are in reach.

Headquartered in Rapid City, South Dakota, Black Hills Energy is currently engaged in three major biogas conversion projects injecting approximately 1,800 Mcf of pipeline quality RNG into the company’s gas distribution system every single day. Plans for an additional 400 MMBtu/day are in the works thanks to their newest partnership with the City of Lincoln.

Wastewater to Transit Power

The city owned and operated Lincoln Water Resource Recovery Facility recovers roughly 20 million gallons of biogas producing wastewater every day. Seeking an alternative strategy for powering the city’s growing fleet of StarTran transit buses, local officials looked to partner with Black Hills Energy to quality test the RNG prior to injection into the gas distribution system.

Once the operation reaches full capacity, up to 400 MMBtu of RNG will be purified per day, successfully converting wastewater biogas into the fuel that drives the city’s public transportation.

Landfill to RNG Projects

Black Hills Energy’s involvement with two large landfill gas projects in Nebraska showcase the potential for both closed and functional landfills to produce meaningful quantities of pipeline.

  • Sarpy County Landfill: approx. 1,000 Mcf/day
  • Butler County Landfill: approx. 600 Mcf/day

Black Hills Energy is responsible for quality testing and injection at both facilities and participated in the infrastructure development in Butler County to connect the purification system to the company’s gas distribution system.

Biogas for Cash

Energy utilities play a vital role in helping more municipalities covert biogas producing waste into cash flow for the city budget. In Dubuque, Iowa, Black Hills Energy is testing and injecting around 200 Mcf/day of RNG at the city owned Water Resource Recovery Center.

Renewable Natural Gas and Corporate Sustainability Targets

Parent company, Black Hills Corporation, is committed to further developing the organization’s contribution to sustainable energy capture. At this time, renewable energy expertise and guidance is available for potential new biogas conversion projects in the region served by their distribution network.

Learn more about Black Hills Energy’s renewable gas projects.

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