New and improved appliances stimulate the life and growth of the food service industry. These benefits result from research and development to which engineers make their unique contribution. This award recognizes the results of those efforts and the foresight of the companies whose aggressive policies bring new foodservice natural gas appliances and products to the marketplace.

The purpose of the GFEN Blue Flame Award is to recognize the full spectrum of benefits that come from the development of new and improved appliances. These include added employment, economic development, strengthening of the nation’s competitive position and contribution to the public’s standard of living. Past recipients of this prestigious award are leaders in the foodservice industry and are unique in their commitment to excellence.


Any new or improved natural gas foodservice appliance may be entered. The product must be available for North American sale before the 2021 NRA show occurs.


The nomination form is on the next page. There is no entry fee for this award.


Nominations will be judged by GFEN’s technical committee.


The award will be presented Saturday, May, 22, 2021 at the NRA show in Chicago, IL by GFEN Members.


News releases by the Energy Solutions Center and its utility members, as well as coverage in foodservice newsletters and magazines will be used to promote the winning appliance and company. This year’s winner is featured on the GFEN website- .


  1. Foodservice equipment manufacturers must submit entries to GFEN no later than January 29, 2021.Past winners are listed on:
  2. Equipment manufacturers may enter a separate form for each appliance nominated as long as the appliance meets the current criteria.
  3. New applicants that do not win the 2020 award will automatically be eligible for the 2021 award.
  4. The entry should include a detailed product description including: model number, features & benefits, photos, and a specification sheet. The appliance will be judged on the following criteria, please be as specific as possible.
  5. Supporting documentation should be submitted with each entry. This documentation becomes the property of GFEN and will not be returned.


Respond to every section above in a clear concise manner without unnecessarily elaborate brochures or other presentations beyond those sufficient to present a complete and effective response.

  • Sales and Economic Impact 20%
  • Innovative principles 40%
  • Technology improvements 30%
  • Submittal 10%

For Additional Information Contact:

Tina Read
GFEN Director
400 North Capitol St. 4th Floor
Washington, DC 20001
Office: 202-824-7151
E-mail: Tina Read


The Product of the Year Award is awarded to one appliance manufacturer typifying the best in new or improved gas technology. The Product of the Year Award recognizes outstanding technology & innovation in the Gas Foodservice Industry. With GFEN members located throughout North America, winning the GFEN Blue Flame Award effectively showcases your product and demonstrates how your company is leading commercial foodservice efforts in research, development and market acceptance.

Please e-mail the form with supporting documentation on your natural gas-fueled product: Photo(s) specification sheets, brochures, etc. to GFEN. Submit all entries to Tina Read at or mail them to 400 North Capitol St., 4th Floor, Washington DC 20001 by the closing date.

Blue Flame Award Nomination

  • Appliance Information

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Manufacturer Information

  • Sales and economic impact (20 %):

  • Marketing– Describe the success of any marketing efforts to date. Include any marketing plans for promoting the appliance. List any customers utilizing the appliance.
  • Describe the appliance’s impact on the economy. Discuss the use of raw materials, productivity and efficiency gains, market share, etc.
  • Innovative principles (40%):

  • Describe how this appliance is unique from other appliances providing the same or similar functions.
  • Describe how new technology or existing technology is applied in a new way and/or how novel engineering principles have been incorporated into the appliance design.
  • Describe how this appliance is superior in its construction, reliability, maintainability, and how it impacts on equipment warranties.
  • Describe environmental type impacts such as: reduced emissions, electric demand, water conservation, etc.
  • Technology improvements (30%):

  • Describe financial savings in total costs over the life of the appliance, savings to end users, savings to the environment in its production or use, or savings over previous appliances performing the same function. Talk about installation savings, impact on operating labor costs, cleaning costs, etc.
  • Describe design efficiencies and controls that improve food production. Detail increased efficiency or ease of use resulting from additional functions over that of a previous appliance.
  • Provide savings in use of energy during pre-heat, idle, production, or cool down (measured in Btu’s). Include ASTM standard performance documentation, if available. Share how energy efficiency gains have been documented.
  • Describe improved safety measures and controls to end user of the appliance.
  • Applicant information

  • 5. Supporting documentation should be submitted with each entry. This documentation becomes the property of GFEN and will not be returned. Max combined upload size is 3MB. For larger files, please contact Tina Read at
    Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 300 MB.
    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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