Dixie Fish Co.

A Fish Story You

Can Believe In…


Natural gas allows our chef to have precise control over the cooking process.

Natural Gas patio heaters will be added to create a more comfortable outdoor dining experience.

From a professional culinary standpoint there is nothing better than cooking with natural gas.

The story of Dixie Fish Co. began long before their doors opened in 2013. Back in an era when one couldn’t even conceive of eating seafood that came from a far-away coast, or even another continent. You caught it, you cooked it and you ate it. It was that simple. It was real. It was everything the owners wanted Dixie Fish to be. They wanted to do something different. And as a customer, there’s just nothing like sitting down to a plate of fresh oysters, Red Snapper, or Royal Red Shrimp, knowing that it’s fresh from the waters just down the road; maybe even “that day” kind of fresh. Their simple philosophy is to catch it close, prepare it in the old traditional way and serve the timehonored tenets of Southern culinary tradition. That’s the Dixie Fish way. And cooking with natural gas is that all-important ingredient to make sure it all comes out just right! Dixie Fish’s “fearless leaders” possess formidable restaurant experience from one of the great culinary destinations in America; New Orleans, where food is king and cooking with gas a “natural” (pun intended). Dixie Fish partner and COO, Mason Jambon, makes a strong case for the merits of natural gas when he says, “In my thirty plus years in this business, I would NEVER allow my chefs to cook with anything but gas. From a culinary standpoint there just is nothing better. Natural gas is fast, reliable and very economical.” And when it comes to sanitizing dishes, the folks at Dixie Fish have installed a natural gasfired booster water heater to ensure cleaner dishes for their customers and a lower environmental impact too, due to reduced water and chemical needs. According to Alagasco’s National Account Manager, James Robinson, “in addition to cleaner dishes and the environmental benefits, we knew that if we could get beyond the first cost hurdle, the operating cost savings from the gas booster heater technology over the electric would be a major benefit to Mason and his team at DFC”.
“We consider our local gas supplier (Alagasco) a true business partner providing the energy and expertise to help our business prosper.” –Mason Jambon Partner & COO
Dixie Fish Company
Gas Kitchen Equipment
Line Up…

2 – hot plates
1 – 36” flat top griddle
2 – double deck ovens
1 – 36” salamander
2 – 36” charbroilers
4 – 40# fryers
2 – 30# fryers
2 – 4 burner range tops
1 – braising pan/tilt skillet
1 – compartment steamer

Specialty Equipment…

1 – Wood Stone oven
1 – 200,000 BTU booster water heater

Outdoor Patio…

 10 – mushroom style LP gas infrared heaters

From the Beginning…

Jambon and Executive Chef Gregg Collier created a menu that would reflect the restaurant’s location in the heart of rival football country. Alabama fans can enjoy the Crimson Shrimp & Grits and Royal Red Shrimp while Auburn fans nosh on Orange & Blue Buffalo Oyster Poppers. These and the many other dishes on the menu are variations of traditional Southern styles of cooking. However, Collier has reworked many of the recipes to include as many ingredients from inside the state as possible. “We like to say that we’re Alabama when possible and Southern at all costs,” says Jambon.

Outdoor Patio Has Comforts Abound…

The tables aren’t the only part of the 300 seat outdoor patio designed for sports fans. Equipped with a high definition 120” television and other smaller screens, Jambon often hosts crawfish boils on Saturdays during the big football games and has plans to upgrade that outdoor “comfort zone” by converting to natural gas patio heaters to ward off those chilly football nights. And turning to the local gas utility for expertise in selecting just the right equipment for the job adds to the value of incorporating natural gas wherever and whenever needed. Natural Gas…providing the energy for that perfect dining experience!