Iowa Western Community College

New Student Center Cafeteria

Serves as Culinary Arts Lab…

Natural Gas equipment enhances culinary education.


Consistent product results.


Quality dining experience for students & staff.

In Council Bluffs, Iowa, the Iowa Western Community College Culinary Arts, Restaurant and Hospitality Management program, has been delivering a constant flow of graduates into all facets of the hospitality industry since 1976. And IWCC recognizes that in order to produce top-notch professional culinary graduates, students need to develop their culinary skills with energy efficient natural gas cooking equipment. It’s no secret that most professional chefs prefer to cook with natural gas equipment, so it was only fitting that the design of this new student center feature a wide variety of natural gas equipment to enhance the overall education process. Not to mention the speed and high production that natural gas equipment provides to produce the hundreds of meals that are served each day in the student center. This American Culinary Federation accredited program, provides students with handson experience in the new kitchen facility in the Student Center, where students literally eat what they create!

New Gas Technologies Enhance Learning Skills …

When IWCC announced plans to build their new combined facility, Matt O’Reilly, Customer Relations Representative from Black Hills Energy, was there to facilitate the addition of natural gas. The use of natural gas for this new multi-million dollar instructional facility plays a major role with improving the learning skills of each culinary student and producing a better finished product; both educationally and culinarily. When asking head Sous chef, Kory Hall, he was quick to say, “Using natural gas appliances to prepare food produces a higher quality finished product. Natural gas produces a more consistent heat and is easier to regulate. The end result is a finished food product that tastes better with an improved presentation.”
“Today’s college student brings high expectations for their on-campus dining and with new gas appliances in the production kitchen IWCC is well equipped to meet and exceed those expectations.” T. Johnson, VP Finance & Operations
New Student Center
Gas Equipment
Line Up…

1 – convection steamer 
1 fryer & filtration system 
1 – double stack convection oven 
2 – tilt skillets 
1 – cook & hold smoker oven 
1 – 36” charbroiler 
1 – 24” range 
2 – 36” range 
1 – 48” range 
1 – 36” griddle 
1 – salamander broiler 
1 – stone hearth pizza oven 
2 – double pot tilt kettles

Sustainable Construction and Energy Efficiency…

When it comes to precisely managing the finances of the college and costs associated with running a student dining facility with an integrated culinary program, Thomas Johnson, IWCC VP of Finance and Operations cited several obvious reasons for the importance of this sustainable construction and overall operating expenses. “In reviewing our options for production appliances for the new Student Center kitchen it was obvious our culinary professionals – both in our production kitchen and culinary arts program – preferred gas equipment. The ability to moderate burner temps and the consistent heat source enable our chefs and food service production staff to produce a quality dining experience for IWCC students and staff.” In addition to the production kitchen and culinary lab on the first floor, the second floor features the campus “bookless”, all digital library.

Workforce Development…

Located in Council Bluffs, Iowa, the IWCC Culinary Arts, Restaurant & Hospitality Management program is designed to place students into the workforce upon completion of the two-year degree. Students learn extensive cooking & baking skills, applicable to any type of foodservice operation. The program also focuses on management and supervisory skills, as well as the hands-on training necessary to become a skilled culinarian. Industry supporting education…NATURALLY!