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Natural Gas delivers the comfort we need for our customers and employees.

The Noveo “ondemand” control system has lowered our energy bills by over 20%.

Kitchen Ventilation maintenance costs are lower with this system.

where eating and celebrating meet, offers a “taste of Little Italy” in Waterloo, Ontario. This King Street location is the biggest store in the 97 restaurant chain of Canadian eateries, with over 14,000 square feet and 700 seats for indoor dining and accommodations for 100 outdoor patio diners.

Local Gas Utility Provides Energy Efficiency Incentives…

The supplier of natural gas to this Canadian landmark, Union Gas, has become a strategic partner when it comes to helping with innovative energy saving equipment selections. Joe Meriano, National Accounts Manager for Union Gas, has worked with East Side Mario’s management to assist in their selection of innovative technologies to reduce their operating costs. Meriano says “Union Gas provides businesses with accurate, objective and leading edge advice; and our rebate program is a great tool to help offset the higher costs of employing new technologies that reduce energy costs and save our customers money”. Robert Cuddy, owner of the Waterloo East Side Mario’s, was quick to point out the importance of natural gas for their restaurants and the benefit of being able to “partner” with their local gas utility for selecting their natural gas equipment for cooking, water heating and space conditioning; a subject that East Side Mario’s believes is as important as their food quality and service.

As Canadian winters can be harsh, the restaurant owner investigated ways to reduce their energy costs and increase the comfort level for patrons and kitchen employees. The existing kitchen ventilation system had fixed airflow with negative air infiltration resulting in temperature variations in the dining areas and warmer than desired temperatures in the kitchen.

““Partnering with Union Gas for this innovative exhaust control made for a “slick” and really quick payback!”.

–Robert Cuddy

East Side Mario’s Gas
Cooking Equipment
Line Up…

6 – 60” double deck pizza ovens
1 – six burner heavy duty range
1 – 14” pasta cooker
3 – 14” double vat fryer
1 – 36” salamander broiler

“East Side Mario’s… where ALL dishes come with “all-you-can-eat” soup or salad and garlic homeloaf”.

— Mario

With energy costs on the rise, East Side Mario’s elected to equip their kitchen ventilation hood with the Noveo EcoHood variable air exhaust system. This system employs opacity and temperature sensors that monitors the effluent and heat under the kitchen hood during the cooking process. The system constantly varies the hood’s air exhaust in proportion to the quantity of effluent and heat, saving energy and keeping the air balance in check. The system has provided substantial energy savings and eliminates hot and cold air pockets in the dining areas, improving overall comfort for customers. Working in a cooler and more comfortable kitchen, has also made the cooks much happier.

Improved Bottom Line Savings…

This flagship location has logged a reduction in natural gas consumption of approximately 22%, reducing monthly gas bills from $4,000 to around $3,000. That equates into an annual energy savings of $12,000, and when factored with the Union Gas rebate for the system and installation of 30%, the owner reports a rapid payback of 18 months. As an added bonus, routine maintenance on the ventilation fans has been reduced by increased belt longevity. So happy is Cuddy with his purchase of the system that East Side Mario’s is now considering installing similar systems in their remaining 97 Canadian stores.

Your Natural Gas Utility… adding value to you!