Oregano’s Pizza Bistro

Regional Arizona

Chain Boasts

Chicago-Style Cuisine…


Natural Gas is a “key ingredient” for producing the ultimate pizza crust.

Gas appliances offer quicker recovery to enable high-volume production.

Comfortable outdoor dining experiences for customers with natural gas patio heaters.

When Lawrence Gibbilini started selling pizzas door-to-door in Chicago in 1929, little did he know that his family would one day open a chain of restaurants in the Arizona valley using his nickname, “Lawrence of Oregano”, in naming the establishment. Since 1993, Oregano’s has become an Arizona “hotspot” with constant crowds packing in around small tables for plenty of pastas and sandwiches, which are offered in addition to the pizza that comes in the stuffed, pan or thin-crust variety. And then there is Oregano’s original “pizza cookie” a small pizza-size, gooey cookie served with vanilla ice cream that folks just can’t seem to get enough of. With eleven locations in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Flagstaff and Tucson areas, the reputation and family style atmosphere has contributed to their success and continued growth.

Local Gas Utility Provides Equipment Testing Support…

The supplier of natural gas to the Oregano’s chain, Southwest Gas, has become a strategic partner when it comes to helping with equipment selections. Steve Reyna, Supervisor of Service Planning/New Business Projects for the greater Phoenix market, has worked with the Oregano’s chefs and management to assist in their selection of gas-fired cooking equipment at the Southwest Gas demo kitchen in Tempe. The facility showcases the latest state-of-the-art equipment for the commercial foodservice industry which has helped Oregano’s select the right equipment in order to deliver on their high standards of food quality. Reyna says “The Southwest Gas Foodservice Center is a great benefit to commercial customers who want to “kick the tires” before they buy. That way customers can be sure they are getting the right equipment for their particular application.” Fred Morgan, Oregano’s COO, was quick to point out the importance of natural gas for their restaurants and the benefit of being able to “partner” with their local gas utility for selecting their natural gas equipment for cooking, water heating and outdoor ambiance; a subject that Oregano’s believes is as important as their food quality and service.

“For Oregano’s, we wouldn’t even consider opening a new location without having natural gas…”.

–Fred Morgan
Chief Operating Officer

Oregano’s Gas Equipment
Line Up…

6 – 60” double deck pizza ovens
1 – six burner heavy duty range
1 – 14” pasta cooker
3 – 14” double vat fryer
1 – 36” salamander broiler
2 – Tankless water heaters x 199,000btu each

Oregano’s Gas Equipment
Line Up…

12 – Wall/ceiling mounted infrared patio heaters

“The main attractions here; Chicago-style pizza – stuffed deep dish and thin crusted and the Pizza Cookie that literally melts in your mouth”.

— Fodor’s Guide USA

A Step Back in Time…

Walking through the door at Oregano’s Pizza Bistro gives you the sense of stepping back in time. Sinatra can often be heard crooning in the background and the ambiance is filled with 1950’s memorabilia. In addition to an extensive lineup of natural gas-fired stone hearth pizza ovens, the outdoor patios are a popular place to enjoy the cool Arizona nights in comfort with an array of strategically placed infrared patio heaters that provide additional “creature comforts” that keeps Oregano’s guests coming back again and again. And natural gas plays an important role in making all that Oregano’s does a more economical and easier task.

Natural Gas Saves Floor Space at Oregano’s…

With floor space becoming a premium and more expensive with rising construction costs, Oregano’s has selected wall-mounted tankless hydronic boilers for their water heating needs. With a typical tank type unit requiring as much as 16 square feet of footprint, Oregano’s has saved nearly 32 square feet of floor space with their typical 2-unit installations. That means more space for tables, because water heaters don’t buy pizzas…but people do. Just another way to show how using natural gas in your foodservice operation can enhance your bottom line!

Natural Gas… your BEST energy value!