How the US Bank Stadium Received a $37,450 Rebate from CenterPoint Energy

Gas Cooking
Equipment List

26 – Vulcan TR45 Fryers
4 – Vulcan Convection Ovens
4 – Vulcan VTEC Charbroilers
15 – AccuTemp Steam Griddles
6 – Blodgett Conv. Ovens
5 – Rotisol IR Rotisseries
2 – Cleveland Steam Kettles
4 – Alto Shaam Sgl. Combis
4 – Alto Shaam Dbl. Combis

The above equipment cooking load is 7,000,000 BTU/hour.


Gas Fryer Savings

1 fryer used 5 hours/day
Gas = $3.60
Electric = $11.00

Comparison based upon natural gas cost of $.60/CCF and electricity at $.10/kwh.

Overview – U.S. Bank Stadium

U.S. Bank Stadium, touted as the largest public works project in Minnesota history, opened its doors to 66,000 excited Vikings fans this year. But it’s not just the home of football, it’s a landmark in Minnesota entertainment with plans to host a myriad of national and international events. However, during the design and construction of the stadium, it became apparent that energy costs in the facility’s kitchens had the potential to hurt the profitability of the planned menu, or dramatically increase food and drink prices in the stadium. With over two dozen fryers, numerous convection ovens, and a host of other new kitchen equipment, energy efficiency became a significant priority. By exploring the option of natural gas, U.S. Bank Stadium was able to avoid significantly higher energy costs associated with electricity.

“Utility rebates provide added incentive to incorporate today’s state-of-the-art, commercial, highefficiency gas cooking appliances into our client’s multiple food service venues.”

Ann Lovcik

CenterPoint Energy

Working with your Natural Gas Provider

The Minnesota Spots Facilities Authority (MSFA) is the owner and operator of U.S. Bank Stadium.  During their research into the benefits of Natural Gas appliances in their kitchen facilities, the also opted to work with their Natural Gas Provider, CenterPoint Energy.  Enter Ann Lovcik.

Ann is CenterPoint Energy’s Food Service Energy Efficiency Expert.  She assists companies in securing rebates from CenterPoint Energy when  purchasing new equipment.  Working with Ann allowed the MSFA to receive $37,450.00 in rebates.


The saving benefit for MSFA was significant. Not only did they receive the large rebate, but their energy cost per hour was substantially less with Natural Gas.

Take Aways

When you are planning a large, energy intense project, do a comparison in your area to help you determine the cost difference between Gas and Electric.
Contact your local Natural Gas provider and see if they offer a foodservice equipment rebate program.