natural gas fryers
Food products sell themselves when customers are treated to the aroma and sight of juicy, golden brown chickens, roasts and other meats turning on spits over the visible flames of a gas-fired rotisserie. Gas barbecue/rotisserie ovens preserve the moisture of foods as they cook and deliver flavorful, consistently high quality foods with just the right display lighting and visibility to tempt the taste buds.

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  • Usually stainless steel cabinet or drum with refractory type burners located in the back.
  • Basic styles include:
    > Vertical – rotating spits stacked in cavity with sufficient space between spits to allow products of different sizes to rotate freely
    > Horizontal – spits mounted on carousel; both spits and carousel rotate


  • Frying bakery products such as doughnuts, funnelcakes and bagels
  • Can also be used to cook pasta, fish and chicken-any food that must float while cooking


  • Frequently found in supermarkets as a means of merchandising prepared foods
  • Any food service operation serving barbecue foods can benefit from a rotisserie oven.
  • Especially profitable as a means of attracting customer attention and spurring impulse buying when used in display mode.


  • 60,000 to 120,000 Btu/hr.


  • Constant turning of food on spit and even heat exposure retains moisture
  • Gives food desirable rotisserie flavor
  • Easy to customize food with seasonings or coatings


  • 30,000 to 200,000 Btus


  • One to many spits – as many as 14
  • Cook and hold
  • Self basting
  • Self cleaning
  • Interior lighting
  • Large, panoramic glass doors
  • Multiple cooking areas for differing foods and temperatures
  • Pass-through doors
  • Smoke attachment
  • Towing capability
  • Arched top, flat top and double opening (front and back) styles
  • Stainless steel, ceramic tile or various color finishes
  • Infrared, ceramic logs, convection and gas/wood cooking
  • Counter top or floor models

*Listed features offered by some, but not necessarily all vendors.


  • Natural gas and LPG


  • 150 to 200 cfm per linear foot