catering portable equipment
Whether cooking in a fully equipped, fully staffed kitchen or catering a remote on-site or off-site event, most professional chefs prefer the dependability, convenience and quality of restaurant-style equipment.

Equipment designed especially for portability features enhancements such as casters, reinforced frames, lifting handles, towing packages and protective devices for controls. Although most types of food service equipment can be purchased with portability, certain types such as grills and rotisseries, are especially popular for catered affairs.

When combined with commercial grade gas connectors in a food service kitchen, portable equipment can easily be moved for service, maintenance and cleaning. Gas connectors also allow for flexibility in kitchen design, enabling one gas appliance to be exchanged for another to meet changing or expanding menu requirements.

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  • Virtually all food service equipment types available with portability
  • Pieces most frequently used for catering:
    >> Grills
    >> Ranges/Ovens
    >> Broilers


  • Grilling, griddling, steaming, oven baking, rotisserie cooking, broiling


  • Catering and off-site cooking
  • Remote, on-site cooking
  • Cleaning and maintenance