natural gas fryers
Care basically stainless steel boxes that can consist of one or several cooking compartments, making them highly versatile because each compartment can cook a different type of food. This makes them an ideal choice for cooking small quantities of food or for cooking a variety of different foods because you use only those compartments that are needed. Although pressure steamers are still in use, pressureless steamers dominate the market. For maximum flexibility, some compartment steamers offer both pressureless and pressurized cooking in a single unit.

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  • Pressureless (atmospheric) Steamers
    > Cook without using pressure making them especially suited to frozen foods and on-line cooking.
    > Cooking begins after the steamer defrosts the food.
    > Cooking starts and stops automatically, without depressurization, any time the door is opened during the cooking process.
    > Constant exchange of fresh steam allows dissimilar foods to cook at the same time because there is no transfer of flavors.
  • Pressurized Steamers
    > Achieves higher production by employing pressurized steam, which raises internal food temperatures 3°F above 212°F for every pound of pressure.
    > Requires depressurization


  • Pressureless steamers are especially suited to frozen foods and on-line cooking
  • Pressurized steamers are an excellent choice for large volume production, where food is allowed to cook completely without starts and stops, and for many types of unfrozen products.


  • Pressure steamers are more frequently found in large institutional facilities, but steamers are available in sizes that make them a practical choice for any food service purpose.

Available Features*

  • Atmospheric or infrared burners
  • High-velocity convection steam without fans
  • Pressure or free-vented steam cooking
  • Automatic pilotless spark ignition
  • Steam generator standby mode
  • 60-minute load compensating timer
  • Right or left hand door hinge
  • Easy access generator descaling port
  • Float-type water level controls
  • Automatic steam generator blowdown
  • Mineral purge cycle
  • Water management system
  • Vacuum-assisted steam suppression system
  • Automatic cold water steam condenser system
  • Manual or automatic waterfill
  • Counter, floor, mobile, cabinet, stand, stackable configurations
  • Insulated, double wall construction

*Listed features offered by some, but not necessarily all vendors.


  • Fastest for commercial cooking
  • Foods retain color, texture, moisture and nutrients
  • Operates from dedicated, shared or existing central boiler
  • Fast, gentle cooking with no transfer of food flavors in pressureless steamers
  • Fast, high-temperature, high-volume production with pressurized steamers
  • Suited to many food varieties
  • Quickly reheats vendor-prepared or cook/chill foods without drying
  • Many equipment options to meet virtually any cooking need

Energy Input

  • 37,000 to 300,000 Btu

Fuel Type(s)

  • Natural gas and LPG


  • 100 to 200 cfm per linear foot