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For fast food chains, and similar high-volume operations, conveyor broilers deliver fast, consistent results. Using conveyor belts, food is cooked simultaneously on the top and bottom with minimum handling and no turning a real time and labor saver. For high-volume broiling with all the appeal and flavor of smaller models, conveyor broilers are an ideal choice.

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  • Broiler containing one to four belts on which food is placed either directly on the belt or in pans that travel on the belt.
  • Cooking heat provided by burners located above and below the conveyor belts.
  • Speed of belts individually regulated by separate controls.
  • Food can be loaded and unloaded at the same point (return flow models) or at two different points (flow through models).


  • Broil meats, seafood and vegetables with a distinctive grilling grid pattern.


  • High-volume operations such as quick service chains, universities, theme parks and sporting stadiums.

Available Features*

  • 1 to 4 conveyor belts
  • Flow through or return through operation
  • Side burner access panel
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Stripper blades
  • Entry shelves
  • Bun toaster
  • Cheesemelter
  • One to three broil belts
  • 26 inches to 331 inches wide

*Listed features offered by some, but not necessarily all vendors.

  • Benefits
  • Low operating cost
  • Automatic operation saves on labor costs
  • Consistent, high volume production
  • Quick preheat saves energy and money
  • Virtually smokeless
  • Gives broiled food an appealing appearance and flavor
  • Seals in meat juices
  • High-efficiency design features
  • Infrared burners cook faster than standard radiant burners
    > Saves up to 50% in fuel costs and cooking time
    > Leaves foods tender and moist
    > Keeps kitchens cooler, reducing wear-and-tear and cost of cooling

Energy Input

  • 56,000 to 130,000 Btu/hr

Fuel Type(s)

  • Natural gas and LPG