Cook/chill is a carefully controlled process for safely preparing, storing and later serving large volumes of food without loss of color, texture, aroma, flavor or quality. Foods can be prepared days or even weeks before actually needed, allowing the food service manager to purchase in bulk, expand menu offerings, reduce waste and improve portion control, effectively manage time and resources, and improve customer service. A key element of the system is proper cooking and packaging, rapid chilling, and careful storage of foods to satisfy sanitary standards and HACCP requirements.

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  • System consists of several components and controls that ensure that foods are cooked to required temperatures, quickly chilled before bacteria can begin growing, appropriately stored at optimum temperature, and if required, re-heated to serving temperature.
  • Complete system can include kettles or tanks for cooking pumpable or solid foods, pump and fill stations for packaging foods, and chillers to bring cooked foods quickly and safely down to storage temperature.
  • ¬†Food that is to be consumed hot may be heated in a traditional hot-air oven, microwave oven, or ideally, a component of the cook/chill system that is specially designed for this purpose.


  • Kettles are designed to cook large volumes of pumpable products such as stews, sauces and soups.
  • Pump-and-fill stations complement the kettle by automating the process of measuring and filling the bags or casings. Mechanisms on the pump-and-fill station allow one-step sealing, labeling and trimming of the casing.
  • Cook and chill tanks handle a variety of pre-packaged foods from individual portions of meat, seafood and vegetables to whole meat products such as roasts or turkey breasts.
  • The chiller quickly cools cooked food down to appropriate temperatures for storage for as much as 45 days.
  • Cook and chill tanks are available that offer the capability of properly cooking, chilling and later re-heating packaged foods.