natural gas fryers

Counter equipment can offer all the advantages of a comparable full-size unit with some important additional benefits. Typically less expensive to purchase than a full-size model, a similar counter unit frees up valuable floor space while generally requiring less energy and saving on operating costs. Most standard food service cooking equipment is also available in a size suitable for counter top mounting, giving the kitchen designer and operator the flexibility to make the most efficient use of available space.

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• Most food service equipment is available in counter size models, including fryers, griddles, charbroilers, hot plates and steam cookers.


• Boiling, grilling, griddling, steaming, charbroiling, baking, roasting and simmering.


• Accommodate a diversity of cooking equipment in small-space kitchens.
• Maximize work center efficiency by utilizing surfaces of storage cabinets and undercounter refrigeration for cooking.
• Expand menu offerings without the expense and space requirements of full-size equipment.

Available Features*

>> Radiant and lava rock broiling
>> Cast iron burners
>> Individual burners for zone cooking
>> Flare-up reducing trough
>> Built-in splash guard
>> Hidden grease drawer
>> Standing pilot ignition system
>> Reversible grates
>> Underburner baffling system
>> Adjustable legs
>> Stainless steel
>> Open vat design
>> Large cold zone
>> Concealed thermostat
>> 2 to 3 baskets
>> Funnelcake fryer models
>> Adjustable legs
>> Stainless steel, polished rolled steel or chrome finish cooking surface
>> 3/4-inch to 1-inch griddle plates
>> Fast high-temperature, energy efficient infrared burners
>> Hermetically sealed steam chamber under cooking surface
>> Concealed grease drawer
>> Snap action or load sensing thermostatic control
>> Splash guards
>> Electronic ignition
>> Adjustable legs
>> Broiler/cheesemelter racks
>> Heavy-duty cast iron burners
>> 1 to 8 burners
>> Flat or step-up style burners
>> Immediate turn down
>> Gentle, true low heats
>> Heat reflection bowls
>> Full-width crumb tray
Pressure Cooker
>> High speed pressure cooking
>> 2 to 3 pan capacity
>> Self-sealing door cannot be opened under pressure
>> Easily removable door for cleaning
>> Audible end-of-cycle signal
Steam Cooker
>> One-piece, all-welded stainless steel
>> Pilot ready light
>> Pilot cooking light
>> Ignition light
>> Timer
>> Solid state generator controls
>> Electronic ignition
>> Automatic blowdown
>> Deliming port and remind system
>> Stackable


>> Quick preheat saves energy and money
>> Low operating cost
>> Virtually smokeless
>> Gives broiled food an appealing appearance and flavor
>> Seals in meat juices
>> Even heat throughout cooking surface
>> Trouble-free operation and low maintenance
>> Long life
>> High-efficiency design features
>> Easy to clean
>> Reduced operating costs
>> Quicker recovery
>> Computerized temperature and time control for perfect results
>> Eliminates temperature overshoot
>> Even heating eliminates scorching
>> Electronic ignition saves energy
>> High-efficiency burner technology
>> Automatic basket lifts for consistent frying results
>> Built-in filter systems make filtering easier and safer
>> Fuel efficiencies exceeding 80%
>> Lower cooking temperatures save energy and money for lower operating cost
>> Quick response and recovery time
>> Even heat distribution across surface
>> Precise temperature control and edge-to-edge heat increase production and improve quality
>> Simple to operate
>> Easy cleanup
>> Infrared models offer faster cooking and quick recovery
>> Zoned temperature control across surface of griddle plate, usually in one-foot increments
>> Instant-on, instant-off
>> Precise temperature control and infinite temperature levels – visible flame allows for operator adjustment
>> Even, consistent heat
>> Use indoors or outdoors
>> No pre-heating or cooldown
Pressure Cooker
>> Healthful steam pressure cooking
>> Touch-of-a-button operation
>> Quick and energy efficient – saves time, space and fuel
>> Easy-to-use
>> Easy to install–giving you
Steam Cooker
>> Fastest for commercial cooking
>> Foods retain color, texture, moisture and nutrients
>> Operates from dedicated, shared or existing central boiler
>> Fast, gentle cooking with no transfer of food flavors in pressureless steamers
>> Fast, high-temperature, high-volume production with pressurized steamers
>> Suited to many food varieties
>> Quickly reheats vendor-prepared or cook/chill foods without drying
>> Many equipment options to meet virtually any cooking need

Energy Input

• Charbroilers – 80,000 to 200,000 Btus
• Fryers – 75,000 Btus
• Griddles – 24,000 to 180,000 Btus
• Hotplates – 20,000 to 33,000 Btus/burner
• Pressure Cooker – 40,000 Btus
• Steam Cooker – 45,000 Btus

Fuel Type(s)

• Natural gas and LPG


• Varies depending on application and equipment.

*Listed features offered by some, but not necessarily all vendors.