natural gas fryers

Broilers are one of the most prevalent types of equipment in commercial kitchens and are used in the preparation of a variety of foods. For beef, poultry, fish or vegetables, broiling brings out the flavor, aroma and color of foods like few other techniques can. Broilers use intense direct heat to cook foods, producing a distinctive grid marking and appealing flavor enjoyed by diners.

Professional chefs appreciate the visible flame control and instant-on, instant-off of gas cooking, which ensures infinite and immediate heat response to demand. The open flame in gas broilers continuously consumes the smoke and vapors produced during the cooking process, making gas broilers, unlike their electric counterparts, virtually smokeless.

When speed is important, broilers utilizing infrared burners cook much faster than those with standard radiant burners. Infrared heating reaches high temperatures very quickly, cutting operating costs by as much as 50%. Additionally, infrareds short-wave frequencies heat only the food, not the surrounding air, so kitchens stay cooler reducing the work load and operating cost of cooling equipment.

The menu appeal of broiled foods is stronger than ever. With a cost-efficient gas broiler, your kitchen can produce these popular dishes quickly, easily and profitably.

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