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The types of food and kinds of cooking that can be accomplished with natural gas tilting skillets are almost endless. Its ability to handle large quantities of food makes it an excellent choice for institutional and other large volume food service providers. However, tilting skillets, also known as tilting braising pans, are available in mid-size units, lower pan heights and sleeker designs to fit smaller spaces and cooking requirements.

Natural gas tilting braising pans can reduce total cooking time by up to 25 percent and maintain constant cooking temperatures. Manual or power tilting make the pans easy to handle and easy to clean.

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  • Cooking eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes and pancakes
  • Grilling hamburgers, steaks, chicken and fish
  • Cooking large volumes of soup, chili, vegetables and sauces
  • Slow roasting whole turkeys or chickens


  • Tilting skillets consist of a large rectangular or round cooking pan supported by a stainless steel frame.
  • Counterbalanced lid is opened to load/unload food product and closed during cooking.
  • Automatic or manual tilting mechanism tilts the skillet pan from 5 to 90 degrees and strainer outfitted pouring lips facilitate food removal.


  • The tilting braising pan can braise, sauté, stew, boil, simmer, steam, pan fry, grill, roast, proof dough, and keep foods hot.


  • Typically used for large-volume institutional cooking, but smaller units available; capacities 10-50 gallons.


  • Modular cabinet, open base or counter top, custom and specialty models
  • Full body insulation
  • Side, pivot-mounted skillet pan
  • Counterbalanced cover hinge
  • 5/8-inch stainless steel clad cooking surface
  • Spring assisted lid
  • Splashproof temperature control
  • Splashproof tilting mechanism
  • Electronic or standing pilot ignition
  • 1.5-inch draw-off
  • 5 to 90-degree tilt
  • 180-degree pan body rotation
  • Standard and low lid heights
  • Automatic turn-off in tilting position
  • Pouring lip with strainer
  • Gallon markings
  • 7.6 to 62.4 gallons

*Listed features offered by some, but not necessarily all vendors.


  • Reduce total cooking time up to 25%
  • Maintain constant cooking temperatures
  • Highly versatile – can easily perform several different types of cooking in a single day
  • Sealed controls keep out moisture
  • Easy clean up with coved corners, bead blasted pan interiors, mounted fill faucets, and draw-off valve
  • Manual or power tilting makes transferring food, straining liquid, and cleaning easier
  • Thermostatic controls for greater energy efficiency
  • High-tech heat exchanger and burner technology
  • Insulated for efficiency and cool-to-touch safety
  • Can prepare two dissimilar foods in separate pans simultaneously
  • Can be used for proofing or as bain marie by placing pans of food in water-filled braising pan
  • Mid-size and large volume models available


  • 90,000 to 126,000 Btu


• Natural gas and LPG