natural gas fryers
For fast food chains, and similar high-volume operations, conveyor broilers deliver fast, consistent results. Using conveyor belts, food is cooked simultaneously on the top and bottom with minimum handling and no turning a real time and labor saver. For high-volume broiling with all the appeal and flavor of smaller models, conveyor broilers are an ideal choice.

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  • Cook with intense, direct heat provided by burners located either above or below the cooking grids on which food is placed. Cooks even faster with models that feature infrared burner technology.
  • Underfired broilers, often called charbroilers or hearth broilers, radiate heat upward to grids from ceramic or volcanic briquettes or cast iron or stainless steel radiants heated by the burners. Briquettes or radiants protect gas burner ports from clogging with food drippings.
  • Overfired broilers, also known as heavy-duty upright or hotel broilers, radiate heat downward to the grid. Grids can be raised, lowered or slid in and out to control temperature and cooking time.
  • Over/under models utilize top and bottom burners to combine radiant and infrared heating technology in a single unit.
  • Broilers can be configured with one or two cavities or to fit countertop or freestanding applications.


  • Broil meats, seafood and vegetables with a distinctive grilling “grid” pattern.
  • In underfired models, drippings from cooking food and fats create flames, smoke, and aromas that enhance flavor of food.


  • Often used for high-volume production, but smaller countertop models available
  • Ideal for display cooking – attracts customer attention and whets appetites.


  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Insulated walls
  • Angled grates, troughs or special controls to minimize flare-ups
  • Individual burner control valves
  • Full-width drip pans
  • Drain pans
  • Flame failure pilots
  • Combination units with refrigerated based, oven or storage base, modular top section, or broiler/griddle
  • Adjustable wide or narrow spaced grates
  • Smoker system – infuses wood flavor into food
  • Countertop, equipment stand, or free-standing with stationary legs or casters
  • Burner options include:
    > Traditional radiant
    > High-efficiency, high-speed infrared technology
    > Two broiling operations in over/under models – upper grid charbroils, lower grid broils via infrared
  •  12 inches to 84 inches wide

*Listed features offered by some, but not necessarily all vendors.


  • 30,000 to 280,000 Btu/hr


  • Natural gas and LPG


  • 350 to 450 cfm per linear foot for gas charbroilers