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Nieco Broilers are a natural choice for the sustainable restauranteur looking to save money while reducing their carbon footprint. With up to 50% reduced energy consumption and 90% fewer emissions with Incendalyst™ technology, Nieco’s automated belts and programmable controls produce consistently-cooked product with juicy, flame-broiled flavor, reducing waste and increasing speed of service.

Established in 1905, Nieco® has an enduring legacy of quality sheet metal and equipment manufacturing. Nieco® has been designing and hand-building innovative automatic kitchen equipment in beautiful Northern California since 1969 when the first automatic broiler was installed in Disneyland’s iconic Tomorrowland Terrace. Since then, Nieco has built and sold more than 75,000 broilers around the world! Nieco® equipment helps restaurants save money on energy costs, reduce emissions, and increase quality, speed and consistency of service.

Nieco Broiler Configurator

Nieco offers an automatic broiler for every venue, every kitchen, every situation.

Nieco Model JF63 – Bun Grill

The Nieco JF63-BG single belt or JF63-2-BG dual belt, high capacity broiler, and bun grill is equipped with BroilVection™ technology and is able to deliver superior products while saving up to 50% in energy costs. A new generation hybrid broiling technology, BroilVection™ combines radiant broiling, natural convection, and focused forced convection heat to produce consistent cooking results and reduce operating costs.

Nieco Model JF64-3

Nieco’s JF64-3 is equipped with three broil belts and BroilVection™ technology and delivers superior products while saving energy costs. Designed for high-volume locations, the JF64-3 broils a variety of menu items, offering customers the charbroiled flavor and surface sear marks they desire. Nieco’s BroilVection™ technology combines radiant, reflective and convective heat to produce consistent results and reduce operating costs.

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