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For flexibility and convenience, utility distribution systems can’t be beat. In contrast to custom built utility walls, which require design and installation by engineers, consultants, plumbing contractors, electrical contractors and general contractors only to be outdated if the cooking equipment line-up changes, flexibility is built in to the utility distribution system.

Multiple utility drops every 12 to 24 inches and gas quick disconnects make it easy to change or move equipment, expand operations, or even relocate to a new facility.

Both pre-engineered and custom-designed units are available and quite affordable-costing the same or less than custom built utility walls. Adding a little more capacity than current needs require positions any food service business for future expansion and growth.

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  • Passive enclosure located in cooking battery island or attached to ventilation system above and behind cooking line.
  • Pre-engineered, customized unit-based on current and projected kitchen appliances and hood length-that includes the following components:
    > Supply riser – utility main supply connections are house
    > Plumbing chase – individual water, gas and steam distribution lines
    > Electrical chase – wiring and electrical housing
    > Pedestal – provides room for rough-in services


  • Provides centralized, rather than individual and independent, utility connections


  • New or upgrading food service facilities.

Available Features*

  • Modular design
  • Enclosed piping, wiring and insulated steam pipes
  • Ground fault protection
  • Gas/fire fuel shut-offs
  • Point-of-use or panelboard electrical systems
  • Ventilation
  • Steam purging
  • Magnetic motor controls
  • Emergency shut down devices for gas and electric
  • Gas drops every 12-inches
  • Water drops every 24-inches
  • Island, wall, counter and overhead models

*Listed features offered by some, but not necessarily all vendors.


  • Allows rapid change and expansion without expensive remodeling
  • Easily relocate one unit or whole system
  • Makes sanitation and maintenance easier
  • Connects gas, water, steam, electricity and air in single unit
  • Same or lower first cost than conventional installations

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