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Did You Know?! Nine out of ten professional chefs prefer cooking with gas. 

A recent survey by Fryett Consulting Group for BFA of 103 randomly selected independent professional chefs indicated that 90% preferred to cook with natural gas for their primary cooking needs.

Nine out of ten chefs prefer natural gas for cooking, and it’s not surprising that they do. Precise temperature control, infinite temperature levels and instant-on/ instant-off convenience make it easy to perfectly cook delicate sauces at a simmer or pasta at a full boil.

The hotter burn temperatures of natural gas cooks foods faster and more thoroughly; ultimately, saving time, energy, and money, while also reducing food waste.  Plus, tests show that natural gas cooking produces a better, tastier finished product.

Foodservice owners and operators favor its economic benefits. Natural gas is affordable, offering lower operating costs and reducing electric demand charges. On average natural gas equipment will save 1/3 or more in operating costs. And, gas equipment is dependable, durable and requires little maintenance.

In fact, natural gas is good for just about everyone. It’s clean-burning and better for the environment. And, because 99% of our natural gas comes from North America, using natural gas eases our dependence on unreliable and volatile foreign energy sources.

No matter your menu specialties, there’s a natural gas appliance to meet any of your needs. Find product and manufacturer information for foodservice equipment at the following links. 

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