(Washington, DC) –The Energy Solutions Center (ESC) is pleased to announce that its Gas Foodservice Equipment Network Consortium (GFEN), dedicated to bringing new gas solutions to the restaurant and foodservice industry, has selected the Wood Stone Corp’s Gas Plancha to receive the 2020 Blue Flame Product of the Year Award. Wood Stone will be presented with the award at a future date to be determined.

The Wood Stone gas plancha is a high-performance alternative to a standard griddle with a temperature range of 150°F – 650°F. It utilizes a ¾” thick steel cook surface, and individual, electronically controlled infrared burners for each 12 inches of cook surface. It has a proprietary control system developed by Wood Stone to minimize temperature overshoot and allow for instant recovery and superior responsiveness.



Wood Stone’s unit is especially unique in that it can reach the elevated temperatures necessary to properly sear and sauté, as well as outperform the competition at ‘normal’ cooking temperatures. The sophistication of the temperature control goes far beyond what is offered in other griddles. The infrared burners provide a much faster response than typical IR designs used. Advanced temperature control principles are applied from other industries to achieve the high level of consistency and responsiveness of this unit. Tests at the Food Service Technology center found the unit had a zero-recovery time, so it can do more runs per day with no wait between runs. Preheat time to 575°F is less than 19 minutes. Multi zone capability means that the unit can cook different types of food at different temperatures at the same time.

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