AccuTemp Products Inc. is an all-American success story and a great case for recognizing the contributions of small, independent, idea-driven foodservice equipment manufacturers. It all began with a few creative solutions to heat transfer challenges, which led to some great product concepts and the development of specialized manufacturing methods and equipment needed to make those concepts a reality.

Creative Problem Solving Technology…

vacuum based cookingIn the early 1990’s AccuTemp was founded on an idea to use vacuum technology to cook and hold foods. Their first commercially successful vacuum based cooking technology was christened the Steam’N’Hold. By incorporating a vacuum pump, which could lower the pressure inside a specially reinforced steamer cavity, this unit could boil water and generate steam at temperatures as low as 150° F. The result was foods traditionally steamed at 212° F could now be prepared better and held for hours, without over-cooking or loss of quality. This concept established an entirely new category of steamers…now commonly called throughout the industry as “connectionless” steamers.
Initially only available in an electric version, AccuTemp took the steps to develop a series of gas powered steamers that have gained the attention of foodservice industry and utility professionals. This Evolution™ steamer, available as a connected or connectionless appliance, exhibits even faster cook times with improved energy efficiency, better cooking uniformity and less water consumption. Incorporating an efficient 60,000btu heavy duty gas burner, these award winning units use less than 1 gallon of water/hour and come with digital controls as a standard for precise cooking accuracy. And, the steamer has earned the coveted Energy Star rating for energy efficiency. This important design innovation compelled the Gas 2 Foodservice Equipment Network to award AccuTemp the 2010 Blue Flame “Product-of-the-Year” Award, thus emphasizing the value of this product for today’s foodservice operators.

Griddle Technology Raises the Bar…

griddle technologyGriddle technology basically remained unchanged until AccuTemp began looking at ways to improve the typical hot and cold spots commonly found with conventional griddles. With their understanding of the unique heat transfer properties of steam, they began developing a steam-heated griddle. Rather than directly heating the bottom of a thick griddle plate with electric elements or gas burners, they envisioned using a hermetically sealed flat steam jacket. The challenge was in constructing a VERY strong steam jacket which would withstand the pressures needed [up to 300 PSI] to deliver surface temperatures as high as 400°F, typical for griddle frying operations. In response AccuTemp developed a flat steam jacket reinforced with hundreds of stainless steel posts, incorporating robot manufacturing technology to precisely weld these posts to the griddle plates.

The result was the Accu-Steam Griddle, another Blue Flame Award winning product. This griddle boasts an incredibly uniform surface temperatures of ±3°F. Griddles typically have surface temperature variations of ± 25-45°F. AccuTemp worked with the gas industry and the Food Service Technology Center in documenting the performance of the Accu-Steam Griddle using ASTM test standards. The unique properties of steam also deliver near-instant heat recovery, meaning very little drop in surface temperature when cold product hits the griddle surface. This means operators can cover the entire griddle surface with frozen product. Once can also turn product to the same spot on the griddle. In practice this can mean more output per foot of griddle. As a result, the griddle can be specified with a smaller footprint and often results in less hood space and lower HVAC costs. Most important, uniform surface temperatures produce very consistent results for a variety of menu items, even with inexperienced cooks.

Product Line Growth…

Over the years, customers and product designers have been looking for more innovative AccuTemp products, including more steam and batch-production hardware. To that end, AccuTemp recently announced the introduction of AccuTemp Edge Series Steam Jacketed Kettles and Tilt Skillets. These new kettle and tilt skillet lines are rock-solid, proven designs, loaded with performance enhancing features and available in models and sizes perfect for today’s commercial kitchens. 3 Just keep looking to AccuTemp to provide more creative cooking technology! So for energy savings with truly innovative products visit their website at

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