As the push to get more natural gas vehicles on American roads continues, six big organizations are paving the way with early adoption.

LA Metro

According to So Cal Gas, LA Metro buses have now driven more than a billion miles on compressed natural gas (CNG). Metro is the largest transit system in the United States to switch fully to CNG and they don’t appear to be looking back any time soon.

John Drayton, the vehicle technology manager who oversaw the transition from diesel to CNG had this to say about the potential for large natural gas fleets:

“Natural gas is an incredible fuel stock, not just for Metro. Our whole country needs to be looking at this. Number one, it’s a very abundant, domestically available fuel. Secondly, it’s fuel that is inherently clean. The cleaner the fuel coming in, the cleaner the emissions coming out.”


The shipping giant hasn’t only committed to making 25% of all new vehicle purchases geared towards alternative energy, they’re also working towards fueling as much of their natural gas fleet as possible with waste-sourced biomethane (RNG).

Waste Management

Waste Management boasts the largest natural gas vehicle fleet in the country with over 2,000 trucks. They’re not just painted green. They are green. And in addition to investing in such a large fleet, their public natural gas fueling stations serve both their fleet and third parties, making it easier for smaller companies to save money on fuel and work towards sustainability.

    • Atlas Disposal is another waste management company making strides, running a CNG fleet in Sacramento. Republic Services, in Fairfield, CA, owns 50+ natural gas garbage trucks.

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

DFW has operated natural gas since 1994. Today, they own hundreds of hybrids and NGVs, including the shuttle and transit system.

San Diego Environmental Services Department

San Diego is in the process of moving their entire fleet of waste and recycling trucks from diesel to CNG, and to facilitate the process they’ve built more than a dozen CNG fueling stops capable of fueling a pair of vehicles at a time.

“By transitioning to compressed natural gas, we’re making our fleet greener and saving money at the same time.” – Former San Diego Mayor, Kevin Faulconer


FedEx features natural gas fueling stations on their corporate premises to fuel the 100+ CNG tractors added to their fleet in 2016.

As more transportation sector businesses and organizations realize that sustainable business can also be cost-effective and practical, the number of natural gas fleets on U.S. highways will continue to rise.

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