The Piedmont Natural Gas Technology & Design Center in Charlotte, N.C., offers a world-class, ‘try-before-you-buy-or-build’ experience with natural gas innovation, performance and equipment.

As the only facility of its kind on the East Coast, the center models the latest in natural gas efficiency, energy consumption and usage in commercial and residential environments utilizing resource-efficient design, materials, equipment, learning and technologies. Discover the latest advances in natural gas performance, equipment and appliances within 16,000 square feet of indoor commercial and residential displays and 5,000 square feet of outdoor plaza and pavilion work spaces.

Businesses may test, train and develop innovative kitchen concepts on the Technology & Design Center’s indoor and outdoor natural gas appliance displays featuring over 16 different natural gas applications and 77 natural gas appliances, representing more than 15+ different manufacturers. Attend or host live demonstrations, hands-on workshops, experiential trainings and other events to experience the center’s natural gas applications, equipment and capabilities in action.

Commercial and residential applications and equipment include lighting, backup generators, heating and cooling systems, outdoor heaters, ambience fire displays, residential cooking, residential hood systems, refrigeration and warm holding for food, water heaters and tankless. The center will also have multiple commercial foodservice cooking equipment and hood ventilation systems manufacturers represented. The brand-neutral focus of the facility is on promoting natural gas, rather than on preferencing any one manufacturer over another.

From hospitality to home-ownership, the Technology & Design Center will help you make the most informed, energy-wise purchasing decisions. Save time, energy and money by utilizing one of the most efficient commercial and residential energy sources – natural gas.

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