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Southwest gas

Southwest Gas has a pair of state-of-the-art demonstration centers in Phoenix and Las Vegas for the food service industry. 

These centers have the newest in natural gas cooking equipment. Chefs, caterers, and restaurant general managers visit the Foodservice Demonstration Centers in Las Vegas and Phoenix for an educational and unique hands-on experience. During a visit to a center, visitors have the chance to ‘test drive’ equipment from a wide variety of manufacturers prior to making any purchases.

Both facilities feature over 1,000 square feet of indoor floor space. They each have 20 feet of ventilation hood, plus both facilities have an outdoor showcase area with a fire pit, patio heaters, and free-standing outdoor fireplace.

For chefs who want the very best in efficiency and even heat distribution, and who are looking to tame their costs, the demonstration centers offer a meaningful way to try before buying. For chefs and other food service professionals looking to take theory and convert it into practice, these hands-on opportunities help to take the guesswork out of what are some of the biggest purchases made by any restaurant, cafeteria, hospital, nursing home, school, or other part of the commercial food service industry.


Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance White Paper

  • State-of-the-art ventilation systems
  • ENERGY STAR fryers with oil saving technology
  • ENERGY STAR steamers and combi-ovens
  • Latest in energy-efficient cooking technology
  • Try it before you buy it, hands-on cooking opportunities
  • Seminars available

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