U. S. Bank Stadium

America’s Newest Sports and Entertainment Venue…

CenterPoint Energy’s natural gas foodservice equipment REBATE program will help you improve your facility’s energy efficiency for less. 

Providing a world-class food and beverage experience with natural gas as a key “ingredient”.

Natural gas helps to maximize the efficiency of the stadium’s operations for a better bottom line. 

U.S. Bank Stadium, touted as the largest public works project in Minnesota history, is more than just a location. It is an epicenter of excitement, opportunity and Minnesota pride. Football is an important part of Minnesota’s heritage and the relationship between the Vikings and the citizens of Minnesota runs deep. But the stadium is not just the home of the Minnesota Vikings; it’s a facility that will host major national and international events that create economical, fiscal and social benefits to the region. At nearly twice the size of the old Metrodome, this facility has seven levels, two concourses and seating for over 66,000.

Stadium Food is Modern, Memorable and Minnesota…

The drinking and dining opportunities cater to the desires of fans and foodies hunting for fresh flavors to traditionalists seeking familiar game day fare. In creating the menu, the stadium’s foodservice concessionaire, worked with the theme “Modern, Memorable and Minnesota” to create a mix of food from vendors big and small, incorporating many local and well-known brands that have long standing traditions to the twin city market. With over 66,000 seats, the venue serves as center stage for prominent national and international programming including sporting events, concerts, family shows, conventions, general sessions, trade/consumer shows, weddings and other large special events. And with the many pieces of high-efficiency gas cooking technologies employed throughout the facility the culinary team consistently produces high quality products.

“Utility rebates provide added incentive to incorporate today’s state-of-the art, commercial, high efficiency gas cooking appliances into our client’s multiple food service venues.”

–Ann Lovcik CenterPoint Energy

Natural gas has proven to maximize the value and efficiency of the overall energy needs for the stadium and it’s massive food service operation.  Factoring in the CenterPoint Energy food service rebates, which helps reduce the installed cost of natural gas equipment making gas equipment an easy choice.  MSFA (Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority), owner and operator of U.S. Bank Stadium,  worked closely with CenterPoint’s Food Service Energy Efficiency Expert Ann Lovcik in monitoring available gas equipment incentives, which amounted to over $37,000 for this project.  Many gas utilities offer similar programs which can significantly reduce the cost of installing natural gas equipment.

Multi-Kitchen Facility Incorporates These Gas Cooking Technologies…

26 – Vulcan TR45 Fryers
4 – Vulcan Convection Ovens
4 – Vulcan VTEC Charbroilers
15 – AccuTemp Steam Griddles
6 – Blodgett Conv. Ovens
5 – Rotisol IR Rotisseries
2 – Cleveland Steam Kettles
4 – Alto Shaam Sgl. Combis
4 – Alto Shaam Dbl. Combis

Total Combined Cooking Equipment Load over 7,000,000 BTU/hour

Gas Fryer Savings

1 fryer used 5 hours/day

Gas = $3.60 Electric = $11.00

Comparison based upon natural gas cost of $.60/CCF and electricity at $.10/kwh.