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Who is Blue Flame Alliance?
  • The Blue Flame Alliance is a consortium of utilities, foodservice equipment manufacturers, gas industry leaders, national accounts, cooking professionals, and trade allies all organized to be a resource of gas solutions for the commercial segment. We provide all of our members with natural gas knowledge to better their commercial strategies.
What is the goal of BFA?
  • The goal of BFA is to educate, advise, and incentivize markets that are currently not taking advantage of natural gas and its benefits. As a consortium, the most important work we do is educating the industry on the sustainability and benefits of natural gas, including renewable natural gas and the efficiency of natural gas appliances.
  • We are an alliance of forward-thinking individuals who identify collaborative opportunities that will excite other manufacturers and utilities to join and participate in our activities.
Why join BFA?
  • Let Blue Flame Alliance be an extension of your marketing department. As utility representatives work with their natural gas customers, they often have the opportunity to suggest improvements and provide recommendations for energy efficiency upgrades. Additionally, your company can interact with the representatives on monthly calls and at the three conferences held each year. Opportunities also exist to participate in the bi-yearly Blue Flame Alliance Workshop as a presenter or session leader. Joining BFA opens networking opportunities that you may be missing.
What are the benefits of joining BFA?
  • Our manufacturers and utilities benefit from BFA through increased product exposure to the people who are buying commercial gas kitchen appliances. BFA also offers commercial representatives’ extensive resources and up-to-date industry information for working with foodservice customers. With access to case studies and hands-on workshops, members gain valuable knowledge through meaningful and regular dialogue with national and regional commercial foodservice accounts.
  • Additional membership benefits include, but are not limited to:
    • Stock photo gallery and testimonial portfolio
    • Template of presentations and materials to enable members to conduct their own training sessions and customer workshops
    • Membership network events
    • Customer Care Workshop
    • And more…
What is BFA’s mission?
  • The mission of this consortium is to focus on relationship building with key decision makers who oversee national accounts. This will be accomplished by educating, informing, developing, and providing energy solutions where natural gas provides operational advantages to the customer. The consortium will maintain customizable deliverables that members can utilize to secure and/or retain natural gas load.
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