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Ranges are the most common and multipurpose cooking appliance in food service kitchens, combining a cook top and oven in a single unit. They are sized for any kitchen space-from the smallest to the largest.

Styles include open burner ranges, hot top ranges, and griddle top ranges as well as a variety of specialty options such as grills and wok cook tops. Open burner ranges are especially useful for small, quick jobs when operating a larger piece of cooking equipment is impractical.

For low-temp to very high-temp cooking, burners offer a range of energy levels. Many ranges combine low, medium and high temperature burners for greater cooking flexibility. Hot top burners feature a concentric configuration for ala carte sautéing or a straight line configuration for boiling, stewing or simmering.

Gas range ovens offer the choice of either conventional or energy-efficient, time-saving convection cooking. Even more efficient and economical than conventional gas ovens, convection ovens use fans to circulate heat, allowing them to cook at lower temperatures and for a fourth to a third less time.

Ranges are a basic staple in most food service kitchens, and natural gas ranges deliver great versatility for high-quality cooking and economical operation.

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