Rethermalizers are designed for quick, safe reheating of vendor prepared, packaged foods or as a complement to a cook/chill system. Precise temperature control maintains the quality of rethermalized foods and ensures that foods are not overcooked.

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  • Bagged food products lowered via basket into 195°F heated water for quick heating to 165°F serving temperature


  • Reheat or reconstitute frozen or refrigerated vacuum-bagged foods, such as soups, stews, vegetables, meats, sauces and gravies, produced in a cook/chill system

Available Features*

  • Infrared burner technology
  • 15 to 22-1/2 gallon capacity
  • Electronic temperature control
  • One to six tanks or baskets
  • Large capacity baskets
  • Coordinated timer controls and baskets
  • Automatic water fill system
  • Large drain for quick draining
  • Floor mounted on legs or casters

*Listed features offered by some, but not necessarily all vendors.


  • Fast reheating
  • Short recovery times
  • Precise and consistent temperature control

Energy Input

  • 55,000 to 90,000 Btu

Fuel Type(s)

  • Natural gas and LPG